How to pay with credit/debit card

1)    In your shopping cart select „Checkout“ button.




2)    When summarizing your order choose payment method „Pay with Card“ and click on „Continue“ button


3)    In „Payment Data“ section choose „Continue“ button


4)    In „Confirm your Order“ section choose „Confirm“ button

5)    Wait until system redirects you to PayPal payment system. For the proper functioning of the PayPal system we recommend to use following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera

6)    Choose a language of payment system that suits you best


7)    Wählen Sie die Zahlungsmethode mit „Debitkarte oder Kreditkarte“ aus. Über die Drucktaste „Pay with Debit or Credit Card“



8)    Wait for processing your payment request



9)    Choose a country pertaining to your credit card and fill in all necessary data listed in the form that appears


10)Tick off 2 boxes below and click on “Continue” button that redirects you directly to the payment


11)Wait for processing your request


12) Einige Bankkarten erfordern einen Verifizierungscode. Für den Fall, dass solches Fenster angezeigt wird, geben Sie Ihren Verifizierungscode zur Autorisierung der Zahlung an Ihre Bank ein.

13)After successful verification of the payment by your bank, your payment is completed and you will be redirected to website again