How about winning a 25€ credit? Don´t hesitate and play with us! 

20.1.2017   13:08:34 

We have prepared a small but interesting game for you – players of our online raffle. Answer our simple question and win a 25€ credit ascribed to your account on Imagine the feeling – you sign in to your account and see 25€ shining there... you could buy as many lottery tickets of your choice as you wanted. While the credit lasts :) 

What to do?

Visit our Facebook page: There is a contribution right at the beginning which includes our competition question: “In which category on can you win a Nikon D5300 camera?” Write the correct answer to the comment and you are in. After that, it is only a matter of luck.


A winner is going to be drawn live on Facebook and Youtube on 31/1/2017 at 11:00am. All correct answers will be collected in a lottery machine, mixed and afterwards, one winner will be drawn and have the already mentioned credit ascribed to his/her account on For complete competition rules, please click on:

Thank you for playing with us ;)

Your tom-bol team  





 Catch your luck


12.12.2016  10:18:26



Haven’t you played our raffle yet? Then, it’s a high time to win a product of your dreams. Just follow a few steps and raffle ticket is yours! Catch your luck.

Everybody would like to be happy, but fortune is fickle. Of course, we have dreams, plans and ideas that foresee only success and satisfaction. Happiness is silent, untold wish of all of us, happiness, which brings unexpected but pleasant surprises. Sometimes little thing makes you happy, other while, good luck in the game can delight you...




Chyť svoje šťastie






Believe or not believe online tombola?

You don’t have to worry and doubt about the fairness of the game - Tom-bol. The raffle toss is realized by an automatic system immediately when the tickets are sold out, or remaining time for the product expires. Winning chances are really high (1:37, 1:125, 1:300) and as long as the winners are chosen by the system automatically, there is no chance for web administrators to influence the toss at all. Therefore, nothing can stop you to play for an amazing prize!

Game instructions are really easy to follow. You have to register, so that we can contact you if you’ll catch your luck J. If you have already chosen a product of your dreams, choose “Win here” button! Finally, choose a number of raffle tickets you would like to buy and play the game. The last step is paying for the raffle tickets.



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Detailed instructions how to buy raffle tickets can be found here:


If you are not playing right now, maybe you are losing your luck! Give luck a chance to happen.














There are the first winners of online tombola

06.12.2016, 17:05

Everybody knows tombola – one of the most favourite activities taking place at balls, parties and other social events. Shiny prizes are wrapped in cellophane, tied with a bow. And you are leaving the party, with a hair dryer in your hands, which you have not needed already, however, you have only spent 10€ for the tickets. That winning feeling is incredible. Those were the days... However, we want to keep up with the times and electronic world presents new, innovated tombola, in which you can choose the products that you would like to play for. It’s easy, you only have to register, choose from various prizes and play.




For the first time, the webpage saw the light of the day just before December 1, so that you will have enough time to choose interesting Christmas gifts for you and your family. As a start-up, we have chosen 8 products from different spheres that will be alternated and renewed regularly. And that’s the way how the first winner of electronic tombola reached the website. Veronika B. from Slovakia won a special offer – limited to 10 tickets. "I didn’t believe I could win, I just wanted to try...and finally, I won“Veronika wrote in e-mail.

Samsung S7 edge


Second happy winner is another woman, Marina B. from Poland, who had bought only one ticket for winter weekend break; she caught her luck and won. You can check all winners  here.

weekend tatralandia jasna


We are looking forward to know the names of next winners and we wish them good luck.

Catch your luck! team