Can I pay the credit by credit card?

Yes, the credit can be paid by credit card.

Can I donate the raffle coupon? How?

Only the raffle coupon, did has been won, can be donated. It is Necessary to answer the email sent before, and put in the name and address where to send the prize.

How and when will the raffle coupon be sent to me? 

The raffle coupon will be generated by the program immediately after the payment. You can check it in your account or your e-mail box.

How and when will the draw take place?  

The draw will take place automatically at the end of playing time or When the raffle coupons are sold out. The system will draw 1 winner from all participants for the specific raffle.

How will I be informed did I have won?

You'll be Notified automatically by email and informed about the delivery procedure.

How and when will I receive the prize, if I win?

After Contacting the winner and receiving the postal data, the prize will be sent to the winner within 3 working days.

Will I have to pay tax, if I win? How much?

The winner must declare income exceeding € 350 in the declaration of income pursuant to Act no. 595/2003 Coll. on Income Tax.

What should I do, if I am interested in buying raffle coupons for the draw of various prizes?

First of all, you have to sign in or register. Then it is Necessary to recharge credit to your account. Using this credit you can buy raffle coupons of your choice (ie with your credit you can buy raffle coupons for various prizes).

I forgot my password to my account - what to do?

If you forgot your password, click here, fill in your e-mail address, and you´ll be sent a message to create a new password.

How do I know, this is not a fraud?

You can look through all actual winners here or on Facebook.

Is it possible to extend the time raffle?

No, it is not. The time is fixed.

What are my chances of winning?

Chances of winning represent the ratio of raffle coupons purchased to the number of raffle coupons issued for the specific raffle (All All which is Displayed for each product). For example, if you buy a coupon in a raffle, Which 100 tickets havebeen issued for, your chance is 1: 100.If you buy two raffle coupons, your chance will increase to 1:50.

When will be the same product as the last time?

The products are selected randomly according to availability and desirability.

How can I recharge my credit?

You can do so in your account, in the credit section. Here you can find the procedure.

Will the prizes be repeated in the raffle?

The products are selected randomly according to availability and desirability.

If I once recharged my credit and then change my mind, is it possible to get the money back?

No, it is not possible.

 Time remaining until the draw?

Time is counting down for each ruffle. The raffle is drawn automatically when the time expires or coupons for the specific raffle are sold out. Individual time is set for each raffle which can last for example 3, 5, 10 days.

<p>Can I pay in other currency than EUR?</p>

Payments can be made in any currency. PAYPAL will transfer money to our bank account in EUR, the amount in your currency will be deducted according to actual exchange rate.

<p>Which countries do you deliver the winning prizes to?</p>

We deliver the prizes to the address selected by you.  The prizes can be delivered to EU countries as follows: Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Germany, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Portugal.